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Sensory Magazine Interview

Sensory Magazine Interview

28 October 2007

1. Please tell us more about the short musicals you're planning by mid 2008.

Our project is called Five Foot Broadway, and we are showcasing the best six “mini” musicals, each one lasting only 15 minutes, during the Singapore Festival of the Arts 2008.

2. How can one contribute to these short musicals?

The Five Foot Broadway project is open to everyone and anyone with a desire to try their hand in writing, composing, acting, singing and dancing in a musical. They can form teams of writers and composers to write the short musical for the stage or for video. When that is completed, they can form teams to perform their musicals.

3. How much time commitment is involved?

This will depend on each individual in the team. Some bookwriters and lyricists can write a short musical in one evening, while others may take a few weeks. Typically there are 3-5 songs in the short stage musical, and each song can take anywhere between 10 minutes to several weeks to compose. As for the performance, it depends on the complexity of the musical and the cast size. Depending on the complexity of the musical and the professional background of the performers, the number of rehearsals can range from 4 to 12, each lasting about 2-3 hours.

4. Will you ever work on a production that is about your experience as a doctor?

Possible. I certainly hope that some of the submissions will be about Singapore's healthcare professionals and their patients. Telling your own personal story often makes the best material for a musical.

5 Are your musicals mainly nostalgic or progressive in nature? Please name some examples.

The 22 musicals that we have staged to date are mostly traditional Broadway-style musicals, mostly of contemporary setting (Roses & Hello), but some are set in the past (Rickshaw Boy), and a few are avant garde (The Swami, the Cow, and the Spaceman).

6. What is the greatest satisfaction you derive from contributing to a production?

Discovering new talent. Finding new writers and new performers to tell their own stories is the greatest satisfaction, not just for me, but for everyone involved in this creative process.

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